I currently teach a course entitled ‘Twentieth Century Berlin: People, Places, Words’ in two of the Freie Universität’s international programmes, Fubis and the European Studies Programme.

The course situates Berlin as the epicenter of the defining catastrophes of the twentieth century, including the First World War, the horror of the Nazi era that resulted in the Second World War and the Holocaust, and the long grubby Cold War that saw the city physically divided between capitalism and communism in an embodiment of the conflict between the American and Soviet worlds.

Yet amidst these horrors (and arguably because of them), Berlin was also a place where some of the most boundary breaking avant-garde art, progressive politics and anarchic subcultures of the twentieth century bloomed and died in the furnace of its constantly changing social, political and economic turmoil.

In the course I examine this history through the biographies of individuals, the words of writers who bore witness to the vertiginous social, political and physical changes the city underwent, and the buildings and monuments whose physical construction, destruction and reconstruction reflected the ideological turmoil and conflict of twentieth century Berlin.

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