Who I am and what I do

I am a writer and trained historian who has lived and worked in Berlin since 2014. I innocently came to the city in 2012 on an Erasmus Mundus Fellowship to the Free University. All that was intended then was three months of gentle research on Ulrike Meinhof and the RAF, and instead, the Hauptstadt swallowed me whole. My academic interest in post-war West German radicalism morphed into an enduring, even irrational passion for Berlin, that was radically transforming of my life, and of me.

This website is a portfolio of some of my creative works and projects.

I also offer historical tours of the city, with a focus on the history of twentieth century Berlin.

Since coming to Berlin, my two main income streams have been university lecturing and tour guiding.

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‘room at night’ cover photo © Zuza Różańska 2019